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Official Flower of Alberta: Wild Rose, rosa acicularis. The wild rose was chosen in the Floral Emblem Act of 1930. Flag of Alberta: Under the Flag Act (passed at the 1968 Session of the Alberta Legislature) a blue flag, with the Coat of Arms of the Province in the center, was appointed and declared as the Flag of Alberta. Original Coat of Arms of Alberta: On May 30, 1907, a Royal Warrant assigned the Coat of Arms of Alberta. Topped by a red St. George's Cross on a white background, the Coat of Arms features blue in back of a range of snow covered mountains with green hills, a prairie and a field of wheat in front.
Current Coat of Arms of Alberta: On July 30, 1980, the arms had a Crest, Motto and Supporters added by Royal Warrant. The Crest has a Royal Crown on top of a beaver sitting on a helmet with a silver and red wreath. The gold lion is a symbol of power, while the pronghorn antelope is a symbol of natural riches. The base of the coat of arms is comprised of wild roses, as well as Alberta's motto, Fortis Et Liber, meaning "strong and free." Alberta Tartan - The colors of the Alberta Tartan represent the green of its forests, the gold of its wheat fields, the blue of its clean skies and sparkling lakes, the pink of its wild rose, and the black of its coal and petroleum. New! Official Grass of Alberta: Rough Fescue Grass, festuca scabrella. The addition of this new emblem was coordinated by the Prairie Conservation Forum. The Forum consulted a range of Alberta scientists and resource managers to identify five candidate grasses for Albertans to vote on through a mail-in or online ballot. Rough fescue (festuca scabrella) was the winner selected by Albertans.
Official Bird of Alberta:
Great Horned Owl, bubo virginianus
Official Mammal of Alberta:
Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep.
Official Fish of Alberta:
Bull Trout, salvelinus confluentus
Official Tree of Alberta:
Lodgepole Pine, pinus contorta variety latifolia
Official Stone of Alberta:
Petrified Wood
Official Colors of Alberta:
Alberta Blue and Alberta Gold.