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Alberta and the Economics of Constitutional Change
Paul Boothe (ed.)

Canadians are struggling with choices regarding their constitutional future. These studies focus on how many important areas would be affected by alternative constitutional scenarios: a more centralized Canada without Quebec; a more decentralized Canada that includes Quebec; and an independent Alberta.

This book contains the original Mansell and Schenkel article exposing the magnitude of transfer payments.

This book should be required reading for every Albertan.
Separate Pension Plan for Alberta
Paul Boothe (ed.)
For millions of Canadians looking ahead to retirement, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) has become a contentious issue. Even after the recent CPP reforms, Canadians under the age of 35 will contribute more than twice the amount they will ever receive. Will billions of dollars at stake and an entire generation hanging in the balance, we need to consider our alternatives now. In this timely volume, William B.P. Robson, Francois Vaillancourt, J.C. Herbert Emery, Kenneth J. McKenzie, Robert L. Brown, and Bev Dahlby assess the feasibility of a separate pension plan for Alberta, with an eye to the Quebec experience and recent federal reform. While an independent plan may offer certain benefits, it also comes with costs and risks, to Albertans and to Canadians at large. A Separate Pension Plan for Alberta offers compelling analysis for economists, policy-makers, and anyone concerned with the future of public pension plans in Canada.

Available for purchase.
Uneasy Patriots: Western Canadians in Confederation
David Kilgour

This online book is a call for full political, economic and cultural equality for Western Canadians within Confederation.

Available online.
Separation II
Richard H. Rohmer

Separation II confronts the shocking spectre of separation from Canada by both Quebec and Alberta. When a "contract" is put out on the prime minister of Canada, a surprise turn of events crystalizes the war of words between Ottawa and Albertan separatist elements. Separation II exposes the political back rooms and secret corridors of power where international intrigue and violence are planned and executed. Don't miss the seductive and murderous activities of a beautiful PLO terrorist - Her assignment: the assassination of a major political figure in the Arab world. Don't miss Richard Rohmer's chilling and plausible vision of a future that may await this nation and the world.

Available for purchase.
Alberta Alone: A Novel
Ballem, John

Explosive suspense as Alberta moves to leave confederation. When Peter Groves arrives in Calgary to take part in the world-famous Stampede, he doesn't expect to be caught in a conspiracy that threatens Canads's future as a nation. He meets Valerie, a breathtaking creature whose father is the powerful oil and cattle baron, Charles Thompson. As the Stampede excitement begins, Ottawa faced with crippling nation-wide energy crisis, makes a grab for Alberta's oil and gas. Albertans react with violent hostility. It's the signal for Charles Thompson and his big money allies to trigger an elaborate and violent plot to separate Alberta from the rest of Canada. The Thompson group strikes for power and lunges at the jugular of the nation.

Available for purchase.
The Path of Duty : the wartime letters of Alwyn Bramley-Moore 1914-1916
Bramley-Moore, Alwyn

This remarkable series of letters written to his children at home in Alberta by Lance Corporal Alwyn Bramley-Moore from England and France in 1914-16, gives us unusual insight into the life of a soldier of "The Great War."

Bramley-Moore volunteered, as did so many countless other men, to "join up" and go overseas to fight at the outbreak of war. He felt very strongly that as an Englishman originally, he owed it to his old homeland to do so. However, in his letters to his young family, he frequently impresses upon them that....Alberta, where they live - is a great and expanding country, and they should grow up especially proud to be Albertans.

Available online.
The Formation of Alberta : a documentary history
Doug Owran

The passage of the Alberta Act in 1905 marked the birth of a new province. But this beginning was also the culmination of a long process of political and constitutional development going back more than two centuries. In the early years government was not an urgent priority, but by the dawn of the twentieth century, most of the residents of the region believed that the time had come for political autonomy.

The forces that led to the creation of Alberta in 1905 continued to affect its development afterwards. They touch the daily lives of Albertans even today.

Available Online.
Canada and her colonies : or Home rule for Alberta
Alwyn Bramley-Moore

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