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"The major factor behind the NEP wasn’t Canadianization or getting more from the industry or even self-sufficiency. The determinant factor was the fiscal imbalance between the provinces and the federal government.... Our proposal was to increase Ottawa’s share appreciably, so that the share of the producing provinces would decline significantly and the industry’s share would decline somewhat."
-Rt. Honourable Marc Lalonde, Minister of Energy
"I like to do politics with people from the East. Joe Clark and Stockwell Day are from Alberta. They are a different type."
-Rt. Honourable Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada
"It [the NEP] was some of the worst economic policy of the 20th century,"
-Ken Norrie, Dean of Faculty of Arts, former Professor of Economics, University of Alberta

"[The NEP] destroyed thousand and thousand of jobs. It virtually destroyed me. I had spent 30 years building up my position as a lawyer acting for the oil and gas industry. My practice was devastated. Property values plummeted, and I've never gotten back to where I was then."
-Edmonton lawyer Bob Matheson
"Is Alberta always to be in a state of tutelage to the East? Yes, until she insists on equality of rights"
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore, 1911

"The present tariff makes the West a private preserve for exploitation by eastern manufacturers."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore

"Grievances after a time engender bitterness and hatred."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore

"From a geographical standpoint, there is no more sense in a union between Alberta and Eastern Canada than there is between Eastern Canada and England."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore

"Alberta first, last and forever."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore

"Nothing could have more forcibly brought home to my mind the injustice of a state of affairs by which a provincial government assumes the liabilities incident to the development of a vast country, while the natural resources of that country are owned and controlled by a foreign government [Canada]."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore

"[H]oist the flag of independence, which would, ipso facto, make the province owner of her resources. After a banquet or two and patriotic oratory, the province might express a desire to be reinstated in the Confederation and then she would be in a position to make a bargain."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore

"I hope you grow up to be a good Albertan."
-Alwyn Bramley-Moore
"Alberta can blow me."
-Scott Reid, press secretary for Prime Minister Paul Martin, the official spokesperson for Paul Martin and the Liberal Party
"We'll always be on guard against the federal government intruding into our good fortune and trying to take advantage of it."
-Ralph Klein, 2004
"Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes."
-Former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas
"Despite the lack of a serious instrument for the expression of separatist values, separatist sentiment is virtually universal amongst people born and raised in Alberta. The class of federal-government beneficiaries here is small. Most Albertans are vaguely aware that Confederation, for us, is a huge financial rip-off, with outgoing net government transfers amounting to thousands of dollars a head every year. It is a mystery to us exactly what we get for our federal taxes nowadays. Sit down and try to work it out sometime if you're an Albertan, remembering that health, welfare, and education are provincially funded and administered. What, are they spending the money on our elite, powerfully equipped armed forces?

Asked outright "Stay or go?", most Albertans (real Albertans, not people who came over from Montreal at age 16) will tell you "Go", privately. It's not just the rural loonies, either: as a rule, the more you know about trying to run a business, the more likely you are to answer "Go". I have a lot of trouble making Easterners understand this. If any well-known leader decides to step up and give a voice to Alberta separatism, they will learn. And fast."

-Colby Cosh, journalist
More quotes to come!