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Please put me on your email list for future communications. I am particularly interested in helping to further the separation process.

Gene Moody

My name is Jon Koch and I have been a long time separatist.  I am a former member and executive of the Alberta Independence Party and was a candidate for them in the 2001 election.  I like your project, and I would love to help.  My training in University was in history and political science, and I have written many, many pieces on separatism in the past in various
publications.  One of them is currently used by Mt. Royal College to illustrate the diffrence between separatists of 20 yrs. ago & today.  This piece was widely read and was also listed as one of the top 10 articles of all time to be published in the e-zine Liberty Free Press.

My area of interest is historical, but I also am well-versed and researched in the reasoning, economics, etc. behind separation.

If you can use my assistance let me know.

I would also like to recommend you to my new project, the Alberta Independence Association (  We are activelty organizing to get registerd as a political party in Alberta.  It is the former leader of the AIP and many old Aip's and WCC'ers.

I look forward to hearing from you.
I was very thrilled to stumble on to your web site.

If there is any way I can contribute to your site please let me know.

I can offer you as much space on my company web/email server as you need for no cost.

The server is a dual 1.4 GHz Dell poweredge 2550 with RAID, DDS4 tape backup, 3x18 GB Ultra160 drives and 768 megabytes of ram on a 850 VA UPS. This server is only running at about 3% of capacity, so if it would help you
please give me a shout. I have serious fears of where Canada is going and I believe we need to get out ASAP.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am emailing you because through coincidence, I was about to purchase when i found your site. I am of like mind, and with the recent events and lack of support from our fed gov I was going to create a site devoted to the republic of Alberta. Guess i'm a little late!!

Anyhow, I would like to contribute to your endeavour with my web design and graphic design talents (?) and any other way I can. I would like to send a graphic of a bumper sticker I created last night before I knew that you had this domain. Please contact me if you are intrested as I also have an idea for a website design.

Kindest regards,

Dave Reichert
Can you tell me something about your self?  Do you know anything about the meeting in Red Deer this coming weekend?

ALL FOR ONE all for one Free Alberta         
To whom this may concern,

I was very much interested in seeing your site, but was unable to access any of the information.

I hope you'll be able to help,

I was amazed today to hear a disk jockey on a Edmonton radio station phone someone in the federal government and requested this person to tell the prime minister to resign immediately. That wasn't the real amazing part thou, what impressed me was the amount of callers calling in and agreeing with what the radio announcer had expressed to the government employee.

Any ways, it looks like a large number of Albertans are truly tired of being "Canadians" and want a different political system, a say in what goes on and substantially better politicians.

Just a note, when my family migrated to the Nanton area the population of Calgary was 1200 I've been told by family members.

Best regards

I am wondering who the people are that have created this site, and are involved with running it on an ongoing basis.  It does not appear anywhere on your site.

w. lenhardt
Nice job on this site.

No contact address provided so I thought I would try the old admin address!

I do see it is registered using a Bermuda location.

Any other provinces considering this that you know of?

May be an option for Newfoundland, but needs lots of study on Economic viability.

With best regards..........Rich Johnston...  Newfoundlander living in The U.S.

Is your organization still active? I'm looking for someone in the
calgary area for an interview on the indepedent alberta idea. Please email me with contact information.


Greg Rasmussen

cbc radio news
To the Editor, Free Alberta:

I have just finished reading a book about Canadian confederation.  After all the hot air coming out of the “most important” provinces to the east it is certainly refreshing to read a book by western writers with a western point of view. Alberta is a significant player in this book.

The book, The Day B.C. Quit Canada, is a novel. But as the cover states, Is it also a forecast?  Each person in B.C. and Alberta pays an average of $1,104 each year net to Ottawa. But some provinces don’t effectively pay anything. Quebec, for example, gets—not pays--$844 for every person in the province. Quite a difference, and just one reason why this book’s title may be unfortunately accurate. I’d recommend that anyone interested in Canada and its future read this novel. It’s published by Durango Publishing Corp. of Kaleden, B.C., and information can be obtained at the web site, or from 250-497-1111.


Graham F. Stonehouse
I have seen a lot of things but I must say this sight takes it all.

You have a link about Kyoto with no information.

If you do some checking Syncrude Canada Ltd. has allocated a little over $400 million to be in compliance with Kyoto. this is a drop in the bucket to them.

The Americans, despite what Bush says are back dooring in Kyoto and are further ahead then Canada. This means that they will be in a better financial position before Canada.

Kyoto in the long run reduces the cost of doing business. In the short term, if you talk to most Engineers or Architects right now, and don't listen to the Alberta Government, it is going to create work in Alberta and Canada wide. The 400,000 jobs that the Alberta Government said would be lost is not true.

It is going to have an impact on the coal, but if you read about the affects of the burning of Alberta coal, this is a good thing for Albertans.

I would hope that you research some more before you set up a sight to stop Kyoto.

As for separation are you aware that within an hour of Quebec separating their borders would have been posted by Canadian soldiers and it would have ment civil war. Plans were in place to shut down the Hull / Ottawa bridge with the armed forces and not to let residences of Quebec into Canada, if the vote went the wrong way. 

Don't kid yourself it would be the same for Alberta, as a matter of fact was it not Peter Lawheeds (sorry I don't know how to spell his last name) government that mentioned separation and had the federal government impose the national energy act that shut down Alberta in the start of the 80's.

What you are putting forward are you prepared to fight for it and possibly die, and what about your children and/or families. The rest of Canada would not allow it and I believe most Albertans would stand and fight.

Please let me know if you need information on a subject as I have access to a considerable amount of information in regards to Kyoto and other issues in Alberta and Canada wide.

Scott MacKay responds: The link to Kyoto is active on this site. If Kyoto would reduce the cost of business, why does it need to be legislated? Businesses would certainly be willing to reduce costs, so why is there a need to legislate it? $400M is not a drop in the bucket to anyone. This isn't a site to stop Kyoto. That is only one of many grievances that Alberta has with Canada. This is a site to promote an independent Alberta.
Would you be willing to post the upcoming town hall meetings for the Separation Party of Alberta?

 Donna Ferolie
Separation Party of Alberta
Great website. However it could use some serious attention. The transfer link is blank, and chretien is nolonger the prime rat. Good website just the same.
I attended the Fraser Institute policy-briefing seminar concerning “Advancing the Alberta Advantage” on January 29, 2004. The guest speaker was Jason Clemems, Director of Fiscal Studies, at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, B.C.

The session confirmed that 8.5 billion dollars leaves Alberta in transfer payments to Ottawa, and 5.1 billion is derived directly from Albertans personal income revenue. During the question and answer segment of the session, Mr. Clemens concurred with me that the proposed “firewall concept” will not stop or reduce the financial hemorrhaging from Alberta. He candidly admitted that these heavy taxation payments are a “real problem“, which no other province nearly experiences to the same degree. I then proceeded to ask Mr. Clemems for a concrete action plan to stop the financial raid on Alberta. He openly acknowledged that he had no viable plan of action, outside of Alberta renegotiating constitutional reform. The constitutional reform would prevent the federal government from over spending or taxing beyond the economic growth, plus inflation unless pre-authorized through citizen’s referenda. Yeh right, and I have some swamp land for sale due to global warming!

Following the presentation, I had an opportunity to briefly query Mr. Clemens concerning Alberta’s economic viability as a sovereign and independent nation. Mr. Clemens stated, “off the record - absolutely”! The 8.5 billion that now leaves Alberta could be spent on developing an Alberta Pension Plan, provincial police force, and a military system. Absolutely and unequivocally Alberta possesses the economic might to sustain itself for the long haul.

The seminar provided the following critical statistical information concerning Alberta’s economic viability as a sovereign nation.:

* In the area concerning labour markets, and financial prosperity, Alberta rates No: 2 including Canada and the United States and British Columbia rates at 59% and at Ontario 44%.

* The myth that Alberta is solely dependent on oil and gas was quickly dispelled. Alberta only uses oil & gas as an anchor. Alberta has the highest GDP, highest disposable income, lowest EI statistics, and is the No: 1 location for large corporate head quarter offices in Canada.

* Alberta economic success is directly attributed to small government. Studies reveal that economic growth is directly tied to the size of government. Alberta’s size of government is closer in size to the US i.e.: 20 to 30 % of the GDP. Whereas PEI size of gov’t is at 63%.

* Alberta has no provincial tax, continued growth outside of oil & gas, small unions, no tax penalty for investing in organizations. Administering high corporate income tax is the worst way to generate revenue. High corporate tax is a receipt for disaster. Alberta has zero corporate taxes.

Premier Klein is risking Alberta’s fiscal advantage with large spending increases that are outpacing economic growth. In order to finance this spending spree, Albertans are forgoing major tax relief, including the “possibility” of eliminating property taxes, and significant reductions in income tax rates.

It appears that many Albertans are prepared to have their Alberta Advantage jeopardized through a lack of fiscal vision from a weak kneed leader.

I openly talked about Alberta separation from Ottawa, but many are prepared to maintain the Status Quo, as their patriotism stands in the way of prudent fiscal incentives .

In conclusion, Mr. Clemens agreed that Alberta pays more than their fair share to remain in confederation, while the federal government continues to stomp all over their provincial jurisdiction. Isn’t there something wrong with this picture? Why are so many willing to forgo fiscal incentives and political self-determination just to maintain those warm fuzzy feelings of remaining “Canadian”? This logic continues to escape me.

Donna Ferolie
Separation Party of Alberta

I was interested in getting a FreeAlberta T-Shirt; however, the link to the FreeAlberta store doesn't seem to work.

Dearest members,

I'm a 24 year old resident of Red Deer who pretty much lived in Alberta most of his life and I must say I'm nothing like the typical Canadian; which is something I feel rather unsettling. Living in Alberta has shown me the endless possibilties of creating what could very well be a new freehold to the future of self-determination. An unfair comparison between us and Canada has left a deep void. Canada is no country. In fact, Canada had nothing to do of being a REAL country. 

I can't help but question the logic of staying in confederation when you consider that this Dominion was created to repel the great expanse of American manifest destiny, most of whom settled in Alberta were Americans, and that pretty much sums up Canada's antagonism towards Alberta. It disgusts me that we have the resources and the land to shape our destiny, and yet Ottawa dictates to us the terms of how to run our lives, as we lag further behind to places like California and Texas.

If we were a free and sovereign state there's no telling what the advantages might hold for our future. Canada exists only in Ottawa, and I have never for as I have been living in Alberta considered myself a Canadian. I know Alberta could be so much more, and who knows, maybe that day is near. But if we stay in Canada our livelyhood won't progress any further than but to a mere swelling, and then problems will arise. We must look towards establishing a libertarian republic with principles patterned after the United States of America and by creating something fresh and bold. We need civilisation.

One small point. I noticed that your web uses the primary colours of this province. Lately I've been entertaining the idea of designing a new flag for Alberta's 100th next year. Blue and Gold; very pleasing to the eyes. If Canada has it's Maple Leaf, then perhaps we need to rival that with our own. Let's say, a WILD ROSE. I'm in the process of making one myself. If you want to get your answer across to people then let's keep it simple. Who knows, it might work. Cheers!

yours truly,

Hi, I just noticed two typos on your site:  " Alberta's has a distinct culture.", should be "Alberta has a distinct culture." and at the bottom "Contract FreeAlberta" should be "Contact FreeAlberta" 

Good info.  I agree with your opinions, thanks for speaking out. 
Aaron Peta.
-fellow Albertan.
I have sent my request to Attorney General of Canada to institute criminal proceedings and to begin investigation of the large-scale theft of the budget money under the pretence of gun registration.

I am asking for your and public support to begin a wide scale public action against government corruption.

For more information please visit special web-site

Serge Solår
how come there is nothing in the Constitution and Foreign Policy links???

Great site...very interesting, by the way. I'M all for it
If you have a mailing list,  please put me on it.....

R. Kisinger
What are the plans for the Election. We are all paid off, again. It is
the time to get going, by shocking Down East Ralph!!! into taking his
bye bye money. Cheers Ron Craig
I'm glad to find a website dedicated to more than just venting. I enjoyed reading about the Clarity Act. But now what? How do I/we get involved? What's the next step? Are there meetings? Is there a political party like the PQ?

I'm eager to get involved. We are now the only contributing province and we have absolutely no say in how the country is run. This is a scary time. Time to get to work on freedom.

Please let me know how I can contribute and get involved.

Thank you,

David Kopp
Yes, Alberta is suffering financially from being in Canada.  But no, Alberta is not helpless.  Alberta should monetize its oil.  It should issue notes redeemable in oil.  These would become money.  The benefits are five: 1) no need to tax 2) no need to take excessive oil out of the ground -- the environment is protected 3) No income in Canadian dollars -- therefore no need to contribute transfer payments 4) Sound money ushered in 5) the feds become irrelevant

Please see

I would also like to send you a copy of my book MONEY HAPPENS free, if you would email me a postal address.  Thanks,   Jimm Braadli 
Why no Albertan currency listed as an option in your
Independence Poll? Also, are you aware that currency
consitutes only about 3% of the money supply of any
developed nation? Incidently, the U.S. is having debt
and deficit problems precisely because they are tied to
a money system that is unfree (and unjust). Yet the
majority of your respondents want to tie into this. If you
want to get a handle on this, explore why the old Socred
saying of "whatever is physically possible is financially
possible" is a true saying.

Dan Parker
Why don't you host a discussion group on Alberta independence. Many of us want independence but center stage seems to be held by rural wingnuts pushing there own agenda that essentially does not need independence for implementation if the majority of Albertans agreed (which they don't). Let's focus on what's important: Alberta leaving the constraint of Canada, everything else is secondary. And, as the song goes, accentuate the positive as an independent Alberta has so many pluses going for it that the constant whining of being part of Canada should be played down.
Great website!

[name withheld by request]
Great Idea.

Kelly L. Kaup
Thanks, and  
keep up the great work!


I am currently doing background research for a book I am writing.  After many discussions with fellow Albertans, Canadians, and Americans, I felt compelled to create a certain 'guide' for Americans  (and others) who might, given the current state of affairs, paint all Canadians with the same brush.

I was born and raised in the province, and have never lived outside its glorious borders.  My family was in the oil industry from the 1960's through to the 1990's, and we have experienced first-hand the alienation on many occasions (NEP, Senate reform, Kyoto, etc.)

A long time small 'c' conservative, I have come to the conclussion that an independent republic makes more sense.  Confederation has never worked, and the people who could change it would have to voluntarily surrender power.  Never going to happen.

I would like to ask your permission to perhaps contact your group in the future in attempt to obtain further research for my work.  

Thank you.

Leigh Patrick Sullivan
My wife finally got mad at me on the plane from Winnipeg to Edmonton and told me I was an obstinate, opinionated, loud-mouth, and to start my own Alberta Separatist Party.  I retorted that I wasn't gonna go tearing support away from
a good cause to form my own little ineffective group.  I'm gonna find a good  separatist movement to support.  Can I get information on joining the Alberta Separatist cause?  I'm  in Edmonton, I'm also a member of the CAF and I don't think they'd take too kindly to my joining an Alberta party advocating for the separation of the  greatest economy in the world from the Ontario kleptocracy; so I guess I'm wondering about my personals remaining private for now.  Anyway, thanks a lot for your time and keep up the good work.  In the wake of all this scandal and  the snub once again to our elected senators in waiting by the rats, Martin and Mclellan, I do think this thing is going to pick up steam.
[name withheld by's choice]
After hearing today's news about Belenda whoever, I am mad as hell. I have
kept my thoughts about Alberta's independence to myself, but as of today I
want to let everybody know that Alberta is better off on its own.

Greg Goucher
I just discovered your site. Keep it up.

Rob Copeland
Obviously, you've been receiving plenty email lately.
The one thing I'm interested in is the position that Alberta Separatists have on separating from Canada, in so far as whether Alberta should separate alone, or separate along with the rest of Western Canada.

I've always considered the notion of Alberta separating alone as not very feasible, but when extended to Western Canada separating, I suddenly become a supporter of the idea....

So when I hear people say Alberta should separate from Canada, do they usually mean Alberta alone, or Alberta, along with Sask, Manitonba, BC, etc...?

Thanks for any help with this question.

-Lyle Schulz-
are you a political party? ... are you able to join? ... become a  
candidate? ... there are other movements/parties like this one is  
there talk of joining forces instead of competing for the same  
goal? ... and lastly although the website and media created so far is  
fine it will never capture any sense of serious potential of  
happening. ... (I maybe able to help in that area - I am an Art  
Director if you deem it necessary)

It time for Alberta to show that we will stickup for each other when we are challanged.
Ray Yechtel
I was looking through your site recently.  I like the concept, especially after all that is going down in Ottawa without our control.  
Just a heads up, a number of people may be gaining interest in your site because of the recent events.  There is one element in your web-site that I cannot support and agree with - everything else is great.  
The fact that Alberta is not multi-cultured and that Albertans do not support multi-culturalism.  This is too far.  Alberta was founded on multiculturalism - people from many countries, backgrounds, cultures came to Canada to form what we have today.  People from all walks of life are still coming to Alberta because of what we offer.  Take a walk downtown Edmonton, or Calgary and see for yourself.  In fact, the next time you walk or drive anywhere take a look around.  We are all very different but we have distinct commonalities.  We all accept different cultures and embrace them - heritage days etc.  What brings us together is our belief in free speech, proper representation, lower taxes, smaller government, democratic reforms, and the idea that politicians are just like the average person and should not get away with what they currently are.  Our federal politicians seem to believe that they are higher than our police, our laws, even god.  We are truly multicultural and the majority of Albertans embrace it and celebrate it.  
You would do much better in the movement for a FREE ALBERTA if you were to remove the line that says we do not accept multiculturalism . Too many people now are afraid of "extremeism" and will not give other viable options a chance or a second glance because of their misconceptions.  Do not feed the misconceptions.  
Thank you for your time.  I enjoyed looking at the web-site and hope your efforts will awaken a giant in Alberta. responds: Hi Jocelyn,

Your criticisms are actually right on button as far as I am concerned. I have absolutely no problem with many cultures and backgrounds benefitting all of us.

In fact, one of the criticisms I have of official bilingual is that it leads to forced biculturalism:

The problem I have is the federal government choosing one culture over another by federal funding of multicultural programs. Being from a melange of ethnic backgrounds myself, that is what I have a problem with. As you
note, I didn't communicate that specifically, and it can lead to misconceptions.

Thanks for raising this issue.

Note: the wording has been changed to prevent future misunderstandings
just another pissed off and fed up Albertan here that has had it with all the crap that is going on in this country.
Never before have I been so frustrated with the recent goings on.
I served 20 years in the Canadian Army...never before have I felt that the country must now be defended from within as well as from outside threats.
Finally...a thought.
The 100th year of Alberta entering Confederation is not about our past, rather its about the next 100 years...something must change and soon. May god, or whatever you chose to celebrate, give us the determination and strength to persevere and get the job done.
Sgt (ret'd) Rod Loesch C.D.
We can only hope and pray that the movement to free Alberta from the Federalist tyranny will continue to grow in strength, especially in the light of the latest government nonsense down there in Ottawa.

Marc J. Ratusz
I was hoping you would write a response to this written and posted by a conservative blog in Ontario.

To Albertans, and indeed to all Western Canadians, I now say: what are you waiting for? Can you now doubt that Ontario will never, ever, give you a seat at the table? Your money is taken from you, year after year, and not only have you no say in the matter, but under the current order, you never will. Make no mistake: with the new precedents of irresponsible government just set, what has been true in the past will be even truer in the future. And dissecting the events of the past two weeks, this has become clear to me: that the Stephen Harper who so closely represents you, your beliefs, and your aspirations for your future in Canada, is hated in Ontario precisely because he represents you, your beliefs and your aspirations. What does that tell you? This is the outcome of your twenty years of work in building a party, a platform, a cause that would bring you into Canada. This is the answer to "the West wants in". So I now truly hope that the West will want out. Really, what is there here for you? Do you really want to continue to be taxed without representation, especially when so much of what you pay is handed over to others? Do you really want to continue to be despised and mocked? Do you really want to continue to elect senators who will go nowhere while Ontario Liberals send hacks of their own to the red chamber to "represent" you, and laugh in your face?

Cameron Gilchrist
I have a few questions for you if you would be so kind as to help me out. I
am trying to in a sense take the temperature of Alberta from my home in the

How much support do you have?

What is your strategy for achieving your goals?

What sort of a time frame do you think you are looking at before you achieve
your goals?

I support the idea of an independant Alberta but, such talk has been around
for sometime, why should I beleive you will succede?

Cameron Gilchrist
Top-notch site!  Keep up the good work!  Free Alberta!

Hey, I'm curious if you've heard of any recent numbers on 2004 or 2005
transfer payments.  I'd be very curious to know how much we're currently
being screwed out of!

Let me know if you find anything out!
Is there at present either a coalition working together for Albertan/western
independence (in spite of disagreement on some other issues) and/or an
Albertan/western party in favour of separation and wishing to establish a
constitutional (monarchial) parlimentary government for such a new country?

Good morning! I just wanted to comment that I really enjoy reading your
site, especially as I am definitely in favor of the Alberta Separation
Movement. I have also joined the Alberta Separation Party to recognize my

I thought that you might be interested, (and could possibly create a link on
your site?) to my most recent blog entry on why I think Alberta should
separate from Canada.

Here is the site:

Thank you!

Hi.  I am an American living in Minnesota.  As far as I am concerned,
you guys are free to join us any time you like.  We could use another
pro Second amendment State.  Another freedom loving State.
Ken Ferguson
Minneapolis, Mn.

J.E. Toone
Here is my e-mail to Mr Harper





Allan T Pazder

I was very happy to come across your website -- it is beyond time we took a stand against Ottawa! 

I think it is great, the message you are trying to convey.


Chris McQuid

I just checked out your website. Having been a resident of Calgary during the late 70's and all through the 80's I can certainly understand the case for separation. But now I live on Vancouver Island and have come to the conclusion that BC needs to leave as well for similar reasons. Do you know of any movements that envision a Republic of Western Canada?


My name is David Fawcett, and I am very supportive of Separation (in
addition to many people I know). Thank you for putting up a site, it
means alot to me and those that believe, like I do, that Alberta
doesn't have to take this crap from the East.

I am an independant software developer so if you need any help with
the site feel free to give me a shout =)

David Fawcett
I would appreciate having some confusion cleared up.

There is no information on who started/runs this website.  Is it affiliated with the Separation of Alberta Party, or does it represent a differnt, but parallel, separatist movement?

Hi good for you guy's,we can't get away from those crooks down east fast enough. I am in total support,as are some of my friends.

Thanks, John Olive
I did a search for free alberta and came up with your site. I will be
investigating all the alternatives to the current political situation. We
moved from Alberta to New Zealand in January and will be returning home in
August. The state of national political affairs disgusts me. I wanted to
share something I journaled the other day. I've attached a rage I've written
to myself. Perhaps it will help in future diatribes.

Trevor Lund
Who runs Free Alberta? Is it a political party a discuusion group or a Provincial or Federal Gov't
search site to measure/identify Albertan's holding this viewpoint?  Please post your identity on your web site.
by the by,
is free alberta a poli party?  Can you join it will you run candidates?
keep up the fight and let's get this great province away from those vultures down east--
Take Care-- John Olive
hı my name ıs Jımmy Balderson and ı am from Magrath Alberta. İ go to college ın the states and ı wont return to lıve ın alberta unless ıt separates from the rest of canada.thanks. keep up the good work.

Jımmy Balderson
Hi everyone, sorry my english sucks, I'm a separatist from Québec.  I have been working on giving a country to my two kids for the last few years....Ottawa has been disgusting, trying to sell Canada to Quebecers using many strategies (propaganda, lies and flags...) and a lot of money (sponsorship).  They are ready to use all they have against us because Canada is a domination structure that provide power and money to people like millionaire Paul Martin.

Let's get rid of Ottawa togheter!!!
We should have a federal party that promote the end of Canada as we know it.  Lets be 10 different country united, like they did in Europe...No more lies, no more Ottawa!

Félix Pinel
I would be honoured to support the goals and ideals of a free and strong Alberta.

Mark Perreault
  Hi there,

     My brother directed me towards this site earlier today, and I am really
impressed with the content!

  Thanks in advance,

  Peter Redecopp
 We all support separation.  


Stan Playfair
I just visited for the first time and I'm very interested in
attending the next Separation Party of Alberta meeting.  I live in Calgary.  
What is the date, time and location of the next Separation Party of Alberta
gathering in Calgary.
thank you very much for any information you can provide.

Good evening,

I might have had nothing to do with the current situation of our country or its constutution,
but I sure as hell am going to have my say on an independant Western Canada.

Walter Mulder,
Count Me In!!!

I've been looking for something like these for a long time now.

Get back to me via email about how we can get some of these my way.


Regards, Darrell Faryna
Hi, I show my support for FREE Alberta which mean to me Justice and no
more "rule to law" with brith but arrogant judges who without shame are
at bench even fourty years and their cinism is borderless. Lawyers who
made El'dorado for themselves and wild West again. Individua who  with
city licence for two hudred dollars are ten times worst then All Capone
with mashine gun in his heydays.

James Macek
I posted the following as answer to your concern of the western perspective.

Perhaps the Free Alberta Power Member would like to read the first paragraph of my posting above.

My perspective has always been from the point of view of my place of birth - Alberta.

Anyone who looks at a map will quickly determine that Alberta will need to accommodate British Columbia when forming a new country. BC will not be going away and can not remain within Canada with an independent Alberta on its eastern border.

Whether BC likes it or not its geographic position is a fact of life. That makes two provinces which, for all intents and purposes equals the west.

Now the people of Alberta can continue to stumble along for another few years bitching and griping OR they can gather together as many likeminded people, no matter where they live, and start moving toward the goal that we all want. When independence comes we will need many friends in many places to make the transition work.

Let's start connecting with those future friends now.

Bob Pawley
I've got you linked...

D. Galt
What Foundation are you pointing to??

You site is act of Parliament required all refineries
"West of the St. Lawrence" to purchase Alberta Crude oil at prices
(which happend to be up to 4 times higher than world prices) during the
50's in a move designed to develop the industry in Alberta...much work
on this was done by Borden


David Gurvey responds: What does that render inaccurate on the website?

That simply meant that refineries in Montreal served Ontario instead.
Even today, the bulk of Alberta's pipelines go to the United States, not Canada. The infrastructure to take advantage of that policy didn't even  exist.

Alberta's oil industry was created and run by Albertans and Americans.  That's why Canadians had to nationalize the oil industry, because they didn't already own it. Had Canadians had the influence you say they did, it would have been reflected in their ownership prior to government nationalizations.

Remember, Alberta was still a net contributor from 1963 (actually, well  before that, but that's when the Borden Commission Report came out) to  present.
Dear Alberta Malcontent:
I look at Alberta and people who live in Alberta (sorry, you'll NEVER hear me use the term 'Albertans', 'Ontarians,' etc., we are CANADIANS) as a whole and it is so hard not to laugh at you!! For the record, I was born and raised in Winnipeg and I now live in Toronto, just so you know who I am.
Firstly, you want to seperate? What a joke! All you people do is whinge and complain about the big, bad Canadian government taking your money ... HELLO, YOU ARE A PART OF CANADA and we all have a role to play in our respective provinces as far as taxes go. I pay a ton in taxes each year, and I certainly don't feel the need to complain about it! TAXES ARE THE BASIS OF EVERY CIVILISED NATION!!!!!!!!!
And my other question: why do you people try so hard to emulate the Americans??? I mean for the love of God, you even have "Howdy" written on your homepage!!!! What kind of normal Canadian says those words other than in jest???
And just when I thought that the cowboy boots, Stetsons, pickup trucks and stampedes were bad enough!! Again, a GREAT BIG JOKE!!!
As much as it upsets me when any one region thinks it's special, at least Quebec has a valid reason for leaving -- namely a different language, culture, etc., than the rest of us. Alberta's reason for wanting to leave??? G-R-E-E-D. No more, no less. Greed over oil which belongs to CANADA not to Alberta!!
Alberta was CANADA before it was ever alberta, my friend.
And I don't know why I am even getting upset over this -- it's not as if we will EVER allow you to leave with OUR resources.
A.T. responds: Taxation without representation has been the basis of political change, and nations that have seen vast transfers of wealth also see political change.

"Howdy" is very much an Albertan saying. Cowboy hats, boots, pickups and Stampedes are also a very important part of Albertan culture. Thanks for noting that Alberta is quite different from Canada. Your bigotry is not appreciated, however, except that it confirms's thesis about Alberta's place in the hearts and minds of Canadians.

Read the Constitution: resources are the exclusive domain the provinces. Well, actually was originally a second class citizen, but that historical wrong was righted - in theory -by giving Alberta full control over her resources in 1930.
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michael alcock
I am a "souverainiste"(Idon't know how to write it in english,let's say separatist)from Quebec and I agree with Alberta seperation,but I would like to know somehing:you are surrounded by canada and united states,how you will do for importation and exportation?you must have a good relationship with canada!And I would like to know what is the % of albertans that want a country.good luck for your country!

ps: sorry if i made mistakes :it's because i am french and i'm 16 years old!!!
write back plz!
Alberta independence.
The greatest idea since sliced bread.
Please count on my support.

Mike Barnes
Hi. I think Alberta is a great province with a distinct cultural history and commitment to conservative traditional
values. I think the Republic of Alberta has a nice sound to it. I might go for it but for now could you tell me how difficult it would to get a work permit to live and work in Alberta. Of course I would want to become a citizen of Canada eventually or your future Republic. I live in San Francisco , Ca. and folks you don't ever want to see liberalism
as an ideology to ever get a firm grip on your great provence as it has gotten a hold here. It is not a pretty sight let me tell you. Anyway I would like some information about immigration to Alberta. Thank you.

Donald Long
Hi, I'm Bob Stephenson, I live in Ottawa,
    I have lived here , in Ottawa, my whole life. It doesn't seem to matter which government body gets in. Everyone seems to get in politics because they have overgrown egos.They just do what they have to stay in power so they can get close to power and wealth .
    Here's a story about politics : My father's secretary was the wife of a well known politician .Who the politician was is not important . The story is that "the well known politician" thought of a policy to give to parliament .The other side got hold of his idea and presented it as its own. Then "the well known politician"'s side had to be against it, that's politics. I'm sick of it.
    I'd like to know why they can't just get together and say ,"O.K. We know this is best for the country so lets just agree.". I've gone to school with politicians kids and had dealings with them, I have first hand experience about their character, some are good and some bad in all parties .
Many people work for the government and are forgotten. They work their whole lives for little pay and get no thanks. My mom had worked for many government departments in the past at very little pay . She was exploited. The government should be the body to show all other bodies how they should act, but I guess kindness and fair wages are not meant for everyone. I have to complain for my mother because she is not one to complain.
     The government  would end her contract just before she would be scheduled to become automatically Full time with benefits. One year they forgot to end her term in time, Her union stepped in, and convinced her to sign off anyway.The Union was less than useless. There was no pay equity for contract people.
    I feel bad for the way the federal government screwed my mother, now she's in her 60's and has nothing to look forward to in retirement . I'm trying to help my mother, but I don't know what to do.
     Take it from someone who has lived here its not the place of the capital that matters its the greed and unjust acts of the people in it, that make a government prey to the people in it . When the government decided to start screwing people , some people screwed back and stole large sums of money, hundreds of millions!
     I wish I could get back all the years my mother worked for them, the private sector treats people better, I now have my own business and I'm fed up with high taxes. I say fuck the lazy unwilling to work assholes in parliament, there should be a credit check on anyone running for parliament. They are the worst bunch of losers.
    I'm a working man. I work and pay high taxes so I can stay in dept to keep a roof over my head and over the head of the people I love.
      Big government brings big problems. This land seems to belong to whom ever has the power to hold it. I'm sad to say but it doesn't matter what is right . It seems to all boil down to money and power.
    Alberta has tons of money so you hold some power. Lets see what you do with it.
Quebec is now officially French Only ! Really , I'm not kidding . Check it for yourself . Wake up ! Say no to french or you will not have any say in your future. I don't think this country has a snowflakes chance in Hell of lasting as it is.
     Brian Mulroney was right to try and make an agreement with Quebec. English Canada can live without Quebec but I don't think English Canada can live without Alberta.
Alberta should become Officially, English only, to reflect its difference in confederation.
     Have a good day, And fight for your rights!

Robert Stephenson
While I am envious of a your provincial finances and frustrated with our current NDP, how can you be so short sided? How many years will your oil last? Do you not see all the Hybrid cars coming? The world has started already to move away from the very substance that made Alberta rich. Its non-renewable. Doesn't that strike home with you? It will run out. Then what? What if Alberta can't rebound? There are so many alternatives for energy today, to rely on oil is foolhardy. The future is anything renewable - like hydro electricity - in Manitoba.
What a shock that might be! A province like Manitoba contributing to the well being of every province, long after all the oil is gone.
    Get some perspective on why Alberta has so much money and be glad you live in one of the richest, most peaceful countries on earth. If your so hung up on leaving Canada, phone a parti-Quebecois member, maybe he'll care. You're really no better.

Ron & Laura responds: Our oil will last for hundreds of years. Do you not see the $70/bbl price of oil into the foreseeable future? That implies a lot of demand well into the future. Please make up your mind - will Alberta's oil run out because too much is consumed, or will it simply not be demanded?

Manitoba's water relies on water that flows from the continental divide, which is in Alberta.

Alberta is wealthy not only due to oil (or if you investigated things, natural gas). Our surplus is roughly $7 billion; transfer payments to Canada are roughly $11 billion; but energy royalties are roughly $9 billion. Without energy, we'd have $9 billion surplus.
There's a typo in your FAQ.  Look for the phrase "Quebec that Quebec".

I've just found more typos in your FAQ.  Look for the phrases:

    "are wont"

    "Alberta essentially is protected, because they"

    "decides upon subleting"  should be "decides to sublet", or use the
correct spelling "subletting"

Hello Free Alberta Members,
   I am from Thunder Bay Ontario, and stumbled across your site when relatives of mine from Alberta mentioned the Republic of Alberta licence plates and the Alberta separation movement that is taking place.
   I understand the resentment related to the NEP and how it often seems Ontario protects the liberal party and keeps them in government. I just ask that you bare with us. Change is coming. Ontario appears ready to elect Conservatives.
One thing Albertans need to understand about Ontarians is that Toronto and Ottawa do not represent the entire Province. There are many parts of Ontario, such as Thunder Bay that feel very alienated by our Provincial and Federal governments. Often policy by our Provincial government only reflects the needs of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and not the Province as a whole. This has caused frustration on many levels and sparked movements in parts of the Province to separate from Southern Ontario or the GTA itself.
  I plead with you though that Canada can work. It will take change, but I believe we are better together than apart.
 There is nothing I love more than jumping in my truck in the summer and driving the stretch through Northwestern Ontario into Manitoba, across Saskatchewan, and then on to Alberta for Stampede. I've been doing that for years with my buddies and continue that tradition today with my wife and family. To see Canada fall apart or loose Alberta, I would really feel like I've lost something special. The drive which I enjoy so much would definately never be the same.

Jason Wall responds: I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't see how change will come. In order to become electable, the Conservatives have had to change from the Reform Party to the Alliance and then further neuter itself. I still think that scare tactics blaming Alberta (as was the case in previous elections with health care, even though Quebec at that point had more private health care than anyone) could work in the final weeks of the election.

Having the misfortune of living in Toronto, I certainly understand your sentiment towards the GTA. Living there actually hardened my pro-independence stance.

I don't see how Alberta is better off within Canada. Yes, the NEP is a sore point, and it still resonates in my memory. I've seen the lives ruined by it. But that is only part of it. Other parts include the transfer payments that have taken 1/4 trillion (yes, trillion, not billion) dollars from Alberta since 1961. That's the equivalent of stealing $250,000 from every Albertan family. The Shah's theft of 1/10 of that from Iranians helped spark a revolution. With Harper curiously placating Quebec, by recognizing their claims of fiscal imbalance, how exactly does he plan to solve it? I don't  see another NEP under a Harper government, but I don't see an ending of the system of equalization. Nor do I see a dramatic lowering of taxes,
regulations, an elected Senate, fair representation or the ability to own firearms. That's the main issue: I don't see one good reason over the long term why Alberta should stay....and no federalist has managed to even offer me a reason. I respectfully disagree that the Conservatives would be a substantial change, and I may be in the minority, but this election isn't over yet.

You would be very welcome in Alberta anytime, whether we are independent or remain colonized!
Sir or Ma'am,
I agree and suppot all.
Thank you.
A. Tower
Hi. I am a huge supporter of a free Alberta.

Andy Taylor
I am with you.

Call on me ---thanks again

Dr. Nikholas "Nick Stage--PHD.
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Nick Boskers
  I believe that no matter what party rules government we in the west will still be left out in the cold. Every one thinks that Steven Harper is a westerner but it is far from the truth. He was born and raised in the East and there his true priorities will alway lie.
  It is time we actually do something constructive about the separation idea and not sit on our asses. Lets get those petitions out to every Albertan and see exactly what the sentiment is.  We also need to draft our own constitution and be ready with a military or militia if need to defend our territory. It is high time we as citizens "storm the bastille" so to speak and actually get this going. We need a strong plan of action and take it. I am very tired of all the talk and no action. Most people around the "cooler" talk about wanting to separate but no one has found that pettition to actually do it. Not once has anyone asked me for my opinion on a survey as to how I feel about this situation. No one I know has ever been officialy asked. This is a priority that MUST be done NOW!!!
  We all know the legal issues and rammifications if we don't do this. I am very upset and dissapointed at all the websites regarding this issue as only giving ideas as to WHY to separate and not having the guts to give any true MEAT to the idea. Enough of the tough talk about doing it.... Lets just DO IT!!!
  Before this year is out we need to make our stand towards our government one way or another. Let our own Premier know fully where we stand and if necesseary take all the neccesary action without the consent of a parliment in Ottawa that we really don't recognize anyways.
  There is no more waiting around. By 2010 it is estimated that our regular oil reserves will be depleted and we will have to rely heavily on the oil sands. Now that the USA is wanting more of our OIL we need to protect it with proper tarifs and not let it just slip away down south. We need an army to protect our land and resources so that the rest of Canada and the world can not take it away from us so easily and where we as Albertans get first dibs on our resources. Cut our taxes and cut our costs on our own products.
  While working closely with the USA is a very positive idea but with their ideas of wanting to come up here and take everything we have and give it to their own people is far from what is right. If it was up to the government in the east that is just what will happen.
  Lets get this going as the window of opportunity for separation is starting close very quickly. This idea has been hashed around for over 75+ years but the time is drawing to a close where anything positive can come about. If we don't protect ourselves now it will be way too late.
  Thank you for hearing me out
I have a blog and frequently write about the need for Albertan  
independence, and was wondering if I might submit my site for  
consideration for your links page.  The address is

Thanks, and keep fighting the good fight!

Julian Burton
Hello!  An independent Alberta will need its own money system.  If it were to adopt a monopoly fiat money system run by bankers and enforced by politicians, then there would be no purpose in separating- within a few short years Alberta would be just another socialistic tyranny.

I have written a book exposing monopoly fiat money systems, as imposed upon the citizens of every country I know about.  The book is entitled Mega$cam and it also offers several alternative ways to usher in sound money systems, without which true freedom can not exist.  I would be pleased to send you a free copy if you send me your name and mailing address.  

Thank you   Jimm Braadli
I am a proud Alberta farm boy trying to save up to buy dads farm.  Go ralph, and please let me me know how I can help you.

Jenyse Green