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Our classifications explained:

1. Pro Alberta Independence sites
: These sites fully support Alberta independence, and thus deserve to be more prominently displayed.

2. Pro Western Canada Independence sites:

These sites support the concept of an Alberta independent from Canada, but within an independent country consisting of Alberta with all our or some of Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, the NWT, the Yukon Territories and Nunavut. is less supportive of these sites, because: 1.) the likelihood will be greater if we simply need to convince Albertans rather than Western Canadians and 2.) Albertans are quite different from Western Canadians that aren't Albertans. The things that define Albertans like the energy industry, ranching and individualism are scarcely found outside of Alberta.

3. Quebec Sovereignty Association
Those who advocate Quebec sovereignty association  should be considered friends of the Alberta independence movement. We both want the same thing: out of Canada.

4. Other Relevant Links:

These sites, while not explicitly supporting independence from Canada, these sites actually make the argument why Alberta should leave Canada without coming to the obvious conclusion. In many ways, they are like the smart kid who shows all his work done correctly, but simply arrives at the wrong answer on his math test.

5. Media Links:

These are sites from television, radio, newspapers, magazines and professional journalists whose arguments are consistently pro-Alberta.
Why isn't there a link to the Separation Party of Alberta?

There is not a link to the Separation Party of Alberta because they are an anti-Alberta party. Quite simply, this party has become the personal fiefdom of Bruce Hutton. The SPA rejected the election of a new Board of Directors in October. In doing so, they rejected the Constitution of the SPA. In addition to having no credibility by these actions, they have been unable to capitalize on the overwhelming and increasing pro-independence sentiment in Alberta. When 43% of Albertans indicate an interest in pursuing independence and are the Separation Party of Alberta is growing as slowly as a Columbia Icefield glacier. Quite obviously, the SPA has not capitalized on this sentiment, and this argues that the leaders of the SPA are simply incompetent. This is strangling the independence sentiment in Alberta, preventing it from becoming a legitimate political movement.
Why isn't there a link to the Western Canada Concept?

The Western Canada Concept is detrimental to the Alberta independence movement. Doug Christie is a racist bigot. And let's be clear: Doug Christie is not an Albertan. The fact that a racist bigot like Doug Christie associates himself with something hurts the Alberta independence movement because sane people will reject any movements that are bigoted. Initial investigations by an Alberta patriot could lead him to mistake the Western Canada Concept for the most preeminent party representing independence from Canada. And that initial investigation will be followed up with an immediate rejection of the independence movement because no sane person will choose to associate themselves with Doug Christie.

The same criteria is applied to other potential links as well.
Is this website related to the FreeAlberta blog (a linked website)?

Not officially, but we both support Alberta independence and I support their website wholeheartedly.