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About is a website whose main purpose is to accurately document and measure the costs of Alberta remaining in Canada. We believe that these costs are unacceptable. We demonstrate how peaceful and legal secession can be achieved, but also lay out the antecedent steps required prior to secession. Our vision of an independent Alberta, the most successful and prosperous nation on earth, will also be outlined. In short, we answer the questions why, when and how Alberta should become independent. has seen a remarkable growth in the past year. We expect to get over 50,000 hits this month, a 300% increase year over year. This website has had over 500,000 hits since its inception. This growth is a testament to the magnitude of independence sentiment in Alberta. Our goal is to average one million hits per month. Advertising inquiries can be directed to the contact information below.

In order to maintain an independent posture, accepts no government funding or endowments. Contributions are received from foundations, corporations, and individuals. Other revenue is generated from the sale of advertising and promotional items. does not have tax-exempt status, but we are planning to be incorporated as a tax-exempt corporation under the Alberta Societies Act in the near future. was started as a labor of love by Albertans in 2001. We are based in Calgary, Alberta. We are not officially associated in any way with any political party. We are not officially associated with any business. We are not officially associated with the Government of Alberta. We are believers in the power of ideas. To us, the power of the idea that Alberta should become independent is an idea whose logic is ireffutable and whose time has come.

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Mailing address:
7219 170 Av. NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T5Z 0C5

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Phone number:
(780) 456-4770

Media contact:
Jefferson Glapski

The contact information above should be used for all inquiries, such as media requests, interviews, advertising, webpage content or other concerns.
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